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For Sale
4450/- per sqft

 2 BHK/ 918 Sq Ft

For sale
4499 /- PER SQFT

2 BHK / 967Sq Ft

For Sale
3599 /- PER SQFT

2 BHK / 1100,1175 & 1280Sq Ft

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PCS is Real Estate Consulting Company having offices in Hyderabad Offering professional Services like buying Selling and leasing of commercial / residential properties in prime areas of the City.

 The promoters of our company are RERA Certified. The company was started in 2015 with one goal in mind – to deliver best service to our clients. Within half a decade experience in Real estate Sector, PCS has the best team of Professionals who has tons of experience in Real Estate. PCS has been providing the services up to the expectations of the buyers.

Find Your Perfect Home

Unique Listings

For Sale
6800/- PER SQFT

 3 BHK/ 1390, 1769 ,2048 , 2048 Sq Ft

For Sale
6799/- PER SQFT

3 BHK/  1750 ,2180 Sq Ft 4 BHK / 3020 Sqft


For Sale
6799/- PER SQFT

 3 BHK/ 1085 to 2615 Sq Ft

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